Lamonarca 由 Antonia Lamonarca Design 设计开发

意大利的轻奢品牌中,以设计师自己名字命名的,饰材中就有拉莫纳卡 LAMONARCA

Lamonarca 是 Mr. Antonio Lamonarca 于上世纪八十年代创立的一家意大利公司,将艺术和科技相结合,为家具和室内设计行业提供创新材料和饰面解决方案。

Antonio Lamonarca 先生于 80 年代在意大利米兰创立了 Antonio Lamonarca Design,工作中感受到空间设计在体现艺术美学外,饰材的环保性能对项目的交付尤为首要。经历逾 40 载通过技术弧度对饰材的持续性研发,从 1.0 环保提升到现如今实现 5.0 环保 + 。

Lamonarca 坚持艺术与科技结合,面向未来,加大在研发领域的投入,保证持续创新的能力,为客户提供引领时尚及超级环保的装饰用材。

Lamonarca is an Italian company founded by Mr. Antonio Lamonarca in the 1980s. It combines art and technology to provide innovative materials and finishing solutions for the furniture and interior design industry.

Mr. Antonio Lamonarca founded his studio in Milan, Italy in the 1980s. It is named “ANTONIO Lamonarca DESIGN”. He has a beginning of carrier marked by numerous awards both in architecture and design. After 40 years of continuous research and development, the environmental protection level has been upgraded from 1.0 to 5.0+.

Lamonarca adheres to the combination of art and technology, faces the future, increases investment in R & D, ensures the ability of continuous innovation, and provides customers with fashion leading and super environmental friendly decorative materials.

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